Pet Swarm Simulator Wiki


Pets are what you use to defeat mobs, farm resources, or sacrifice to get gems. You get better pets the more you progress in your world, defeating harder enemies gives you better eggs, which then gives you more access to better pets and pet types.

Pet Types[]

There are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, Legendary, Golden, and Secret pets. The Secret pets have their pet type listed as "???", due to it being secretive. Golden pets can only be obtained with Robux, and they are non-tradable.

There are Boss pets listed as "Boss" due to being a boss egg hatched that are like boss drops.


All of the current existing pets will be listed down below with their name, egg, proper damage, pet type, and each tier.

(Add a pet here that you own and know the damage of in the correct order, best at the bottom, worst at the top)

Turned Guard, Tower Egg, 56.9B, Common, Tier 1

Turned Guard, Tower Egg, 78.2B, Common, Tier 2

Turned Guard, Tower Egg, 111B, Common, Tier 3

Turned Guard, Tower Egg, 161B, Common, Tier 4