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About the Lava Monster Boss[]

Lava Monster Boss

Lava Monster Boss pet

The Lava Monster Boss is a boss located in the Cloud Islands which has 32M HP. Once the Lava Monster Boss is defeated is takes roughly 20 - 40 seconds to respawn.


The Lava Monster Boss drops 16 Tier 3 Sky eggs and also has a 0.01% (1/10000) chance of dropping a Lava Monster Boss Egg which has a 100% chance to hatch into a Lava Monster Boss pet which deals 2T damage.


Alatar is the person who will give you the quest which after completing will allow you to fight the Lava Monster Boss. Alatar also provides quests to get to every boss in the game.

Alatar's Quest[]

Collect 39.3M Cyan Droplets

Defeat 50 Crazy unicorns